In 1891, a man named Powers starts Powers Regulator with a thermostat for boilers. Years later in 1984, MCC Powers decides to change the “Factory Office” to an “Independent Field Office,” which becomes Powers of Arkansas located on Westpark Drive in Little Rock.


January 1, 1985, Powers of Arkansas becomes the Independent Field Office for MCC POWERS in Arkansas, as a Controls company.


Powers of Arkansas opens a Northwest Arkansas Office in Springdale.


Powers of Arkansas adds HVAC Manufacturers’ Rep business and expands the HVAC Service (Controls and Mechanical).


In August, Alan Hope buys Powers of Arkansas. Powers of Arkansas continues to expand the Controls division and the Manufacturers’ Rep division. The Mechanical Service business is merged with Mechanical Service Company led by Rick Lewis, a separate company dedicated to service and marketed as Powers-MSC. Powers of Arkansas grows to 60 employees.


Powers moves to new headquarters in North Little Rock in October. The HVAC Manufacturers’ Rep business expands and the defined business units are Controls, HVAC Service (Controls and Mechanical), HVAC Equipment, Air Distribution, and HVAC Service Projects.


Powers wins Arkansas Business of the Year for 2010. Powers also wins Siemens Field Office of the Year for 2010.


Powers repeats as Siemens Field Office of the Year for 2011.


Powers expands the Manufacturers’ Rep business in HVAC Equipment and Air Distribution.


Northwest Arkansas Office expands, adding key staff in Controls, HVAC Manufacturers’ Rep, and Mechanical Service.


Northeast Arkansas expansion of Powers with Roger Traynom promoted to Northeast Arkansas Service Manager.


Powers expands the headquarters in North Little Rock. Powers expands to Oklahoma with an office in Tulsa under the name of “The Building Automation Company” (TBAC) that promotes Talon by Siemens, backed by Powers for Controls Installation and Service.


Powers of Arkansas is awarded the Siemens Field Office of the Year in 2018. Powers opens an office in South Arkansas (Fordyce).


Powers expands the North Little Rock headquarters again, adding 4,000 square feet of offices and 8,000 square feet of warehouse space and the Powers Parts store.


Powers’ new map encompasses Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, Tennessee, and Missouri. Powers of Oklahoma is back. The Building Automation Company (TBAC) reclaims the name Powers of Oklahoma, which was our name from 1990 until 2003. Powers of Mississippi expansion begins in February, soon followed by Powers of Louisiana as part of Powers on the Gulf Coast (including Alabama) representing SIEMENS TALON controls.